Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas – Updated

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

All over the world little girls grow up on a diet of disney and princess fairy tales from books, movies, tv and more recently the internet. Princesses are reknown for being elegant, beautiful and graceful, so who could blame young girls from wanting to emulate these charteristics. However the most famous fairy tale princess of all is Cindarella. Its a great story and kids really resignate with it, which is why Cinderella birthday parties are so popular. But what makes a perfect party? and how to plan one. Well here are some ideas that should help you on your way.


Idea #1

Invitations are really important and really depends on how much effort you want to put in. You can buy simple invites such as below in pad from local discount department stores or your local pharmacy.


Idea #2

If you want to take your invites to the next level. These hand made cards. They’re very simple and cost effective. All you need is 3 different coloured cards (cut to different sizes) some pretty ribbon and a wand, which you will be able to find at any party store. It looks amazing and will add that little bit extra to your daughters party.

Decorating Ideas

Cinderella party supplies are easily obtainable at most party shops and on the internet, but like the invites (above) a little bit of effort you will be able to achieve amazing results. There’s two ways that you can go. You can either make it feel like a room that  Cinderella would be in. Or you can cover the room, wall to wall with pictures. Personally kids love this, but it’s a lot more fun to be creative and style the room to the Cinderella theme.

In future posts we will show you how to create some of these items

Feathers, Light Blues and bows are must and for a classic Cinderella party and to add a classy touch add a cupcake stand instread of a cake!

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Menu Ideas

It’s good to have a combination of healthy and fun foods when planning a menu at any kids party. But below are a few simple ideas which tick both of the boxes.

Fairy Bread – If you don’t know what or how to make Fairy Bread it won’t take you long to figure it out. All you need is bread, butter and sprinkles. (aka 100’s and 1000’s)

Chicken Wings – They’re easy to prepare and kids love them. Stick to simple flavours such as BBQ and Honey Soy. If you have the time marinate them in a bag over night and then cook them. However if you’re time poor you can get these from your local supermarket

Blue Kool Aid(cordial) – Kids love soda drinks, however if you don’t like to give your kids soda a “better for you option” is any shaded Kool Aid drink. It keeps it interesting without being to unhealty

Cheese Plate – Cinderella’s little rabbit friends may not be welcomed to this party. You don’t need to make it like an adult’s cheese plate. However mild cheese is always a hit with kids.

Pumpkin Dip – This lovely dip makes an extra adorable focal point and a way to great tie in to the rest of the part. Pumpkin dip recipes are widely available through your preferred website. Try to stick to real ingredients with all natural colours and preservatives.  It may not be the most popular item at the party amongst the kids but it’s best to have a healthy option.

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Party Game Ideas

That’s my Shoe – Hide several similar shoes around the party area. The game is played by the contestants looking for the shoe hoping to find the shoe that fits. When a child finds a shoe, she gets to sit on the seat and try it on in front of everyone else. The key is not to find one that fits. But one that has the special markings.

Kiss The Frog – just like Pin the tail on the donkey, however instead of a tail, you use a pair of lips. The game Is won by whoever locations the lips ends to the frogs lips gets her prince!

 The 3 horrible sisters Apple dunking game – Depending their age and weather conditions apple dunking is always a fun game to play at a kids party.

More Games to come!!

Whatever you decide to do, ask the Princess birthday party will be a hit with her and her buddies. If your not 100% sure of what angle you need to take ask her as a princess knows what she wants!

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